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Services I Provide

  • Sales Funnel Design, Strategy & Consulting (ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, LeadPages, ConvertKit, GetResponse, and more.)
  • Virtual Summit Management (Telesummits, Virtual Interview Series, Giveaways. With your team or mine.)
  • Custom Web Design (WordPress)
  • Graphic Design (T-shirts, e-book covers, posters, banners, Powerpoint presentations, etc)

Contact me at to set up a free 15 minute discovery call.

When we work together, I need to talk to you, learn about your business, get a feel for your vibe, your style, and where you want your project to go in the long-term. We will work together to build your perfect sales pages, funnels, virtual event, or website.

I'm well-seasoned in virtual event management, landing page design and sales funnels. I've been doing web design for over a decade and have been fine-tuning my craft as the years roll by.

Below are detailed descriptions of my services. When you find what you are looking for, schedule a free 15 minute discover call and let's see if the next step is a fit for you.

It's very important to get an early jump start on your next project. While it's possible to pull a sales funnel together in a week, or even over a weekend, its a rather unpleasant and much more expensive adventure than jumping on it a month early. Likewise, virtual events do best with at least 3 months planning, ideally more like 5 or 6. So don't delay. Locate your preferred service below and let's jump on a call!

Sales Funnel Design

I produce:

  • Landing pages for opt-ins
  • Sales pages for tripwires
  • Thank you pages
  • Automated webinars
  • Upsells, downsells, OTO pages
  • Email nurture sequence set-up

and more...

Custom sales funnel design for a live in-person event, ticket sales page.
Long form sales page

I'll optimize your copy so it converts.

  • Grab their attention and keep them on the page.
  • Make sure it sounds natural and like you are actually talking to them.
  • Build trust before trying to pitch them a sale.
Live Event Ticket Sales Page
Quiz Opt In Funnel

I'll match your sales page graphics to your website and/or preferred branding.

  • Every aspect of your sales funnel will be on brand, down to the exact hex code and font.
  • Customized ad graphics that will grab your ideal customer's attention and flow naturally with the opt-in page design.
  • Sales and landing pages that are unique and beautiful.
  • Formatting designed to keep eyes on the page and flow them easily through the content.
Webinar series opt in page as opt in portion of live event ticket sales funnel
Live Event Ticket Sales Page

I'll ensure the deliverability of your digital content.

  • Formatting of your free and paid digital offers.
  • Custom designed ebooks, video editing, and gorgeous graphics.
  • Testing and troubleshooting of your customer management system.

If we decide that we are a fit, we will work together for several weeks to get your funnels flowing smoothly. Full sales funnel prices begin at around $3k.

Pre-requisites: Your business needs to be established, with a solid customer base, even if its still smallish. You need to have the content for your signature offer ready and available to fine-turn, format and place in your new funnel.

Sales Page
Coaching Course Sales Page
Sales Page
Opt in pages

Virtual Summit Management

I manage:

  • Virtual summits
  • Telesummits
  • Video summits
  • Interview series
  • Virtual giveaways

and other virtual events...

I'll design the sales funnel for your virtual event.

  • Beautiful custom opt-in page to capture registrations (i.e. leads for your business!)
  • Converting sales page to encourage immediate purchase of your All-Access Pass or other related offer
  • Thank you page with all the details your viewer will need, plus share buttons to help spread the news of your upcoming event
  • Email series to keep them engaged and encouraged to take the next step.
Virtual Summit Opt In page, all access pass, and graphics

I'll manage your speakers.

  • Once you have a speaker confirmed, I'll set them up in an automated, custom system to ensure they complete all the necessary steps for a successful presentation of their interview and/or gifts
  • Support of your speaker's needs through the course of your event
  • Follow up and thank you after the event.

I'll manage the content of your event.

  • Audio and video editing
  • Custom web pages and emails to deliver your daily content to attendees
  • Customized graphics and social media posts about each speaker
  • Tech-support and troubleshooting through the typical and not-so-typical problems that can creep up in a virtual event.

We should begin working on your virtual event at least 3 months prior to your launch date. My team and I can manage your entire event or I can work with your team to guide them through the process. Full virtual event management prices begin at around $5k.

Pre-requisites: You are experienced with hosting a virtual event, or you are working with a coach through your first one, and you know your theme, direction and have a pretty good idea of who your speakers will be.

Virtual Summit Opt In page
Virtual Summit Opt In page
Virtual Summit Opt In page
Virtual Summit Opt In page

Custom WordPress Website Design

I will:

  • Build a full website for your small business, church or non-profit
  • Set up a starter website if you aren't really sure what you need or just want a blog
  • Add-on a blog website to compliment your sales funnel pages
  • Rework your old website design to fit your updated branding
  • Custom build your site to fit design specs (such as a PSD) you already have.

We will work together to ensure your web presence is clean, fully-functioning and serving the purpose that you really need it to. Your website will be fully SEO optimized, and not in a spammy way. You'll receive a full tutorial on how to create new blog posts and make small updates to your web pages (such as updating your contact info or swapping out an image of something you sell). You'll also get a full 12 months of updates and troubleshooting services at no additional expense. Web site services range from $500 for a basic blog site, up to $10k for a full custom design.

Pre-requisites: You need a website. You have purchased or are ready to purchase a hosting plan and a URL. If you are needing a high end website, you will have your branding and basic design concepts ready to go or at least ready to plan.

Wordpress website design
Blog page banner design
Wordpress website design

Graphic Design

While I'm not a traditional "artist" and can't draw worth a lick, I can make magic with pictures, text and Photoshop. I have experience creating graphics for online projects (ad images, sales page banners, elements and backgrounds, click here buttons, PowerPoint templates, ebook covers, etc) and print materials for networking and in-person events (business cards, post cards, fliers, banners and flags). I even make T-shirt designs!

My pricing for such graphics vary widely. Let's chat about your needs! Schedule a free 15 minute consultation below.

VBS T-shirt mock-up ready for print
Print poster for live event
T-shirt mock-up ready for print
T-shirt mock-up ready for print
Church color fun run 5k logo for tshirts and banners
t-shirt for color fun run
Promotional post card for use as a handout at live event
T-shirt mock-up ready for print
Print banner for live event
Promotional postcard for use as a hand out at live event
T-shirt mock-up ready for print
Print poster for live events
Promotional postcard for use as a handout at live event
print banner for live event


I DO NOT guarantee any revenue goals. I am only part of the equation, and it would not be fair. I do guarantee to provide you with exactly what you paid for, a finished web presence in whatever format you choose, that is ready for you to take the next steps and put it out there for the world. I'll work with you, help you stay on task, remind you of what you need to provide, and be responsive to your needs. I'm a natural at listening and helping you dream up new directions for your business and online presence, and I'll do my best to help you work through any of the fears and frustrations that arise in any major project. I'll give you advice and suggestions and hope that you'll accept them, but if not, that's ok too. I simply ask that you let me do what I do best so that I can get you on the fast track to doing what you do best.

I have references, portfolio samples and testimonials available upon request. You'll also find some here and there on this website.

I do not work with just anyone. I screen my clients so that neither one of us is wasting our time. I have a basic application form that I'll require if we decide to go beyond the free 15 minute discovery call. If I think we aren't a good fit, I'll let you know. And if we are a good fit, I will look forward to making virtual magic with you!