Squirrels playing

Stop the squirrels from climbing your value ladder!

Those pesky squirrels!

Not the cute brown ones I have running around outside my house.

But those squirrels that seek to derail my best laid business plans with yet another free offer or fabulous webinar or amazing course.

I see first hand where that expression came from because if there is one thing that gets my dog distracted from what he is outside to do, its squirrels! They jump off the neighbors house, run along the power lines, leap from tree to tree. And my poor dog forgets everything else but the desire to be able to jump high enough to get them.

Ever been there?

When you are working hard, focused in on your next big business goal, only to have an amazing offer thrown at your that looks SO good and you just MUST obtain it. Then a few days or weeks later you realize you left your much-more-important goal hanging while you ran off down a rabbit hole chasing this new “whatever”. It may or may not have worked out, and it may or may not have made you any money, but it DID pull you away from what WOULD have made you much more money anyway, I’m betting.

What can help with focus is putting your plans into a visual representation that you keep nearby at the ready.

I call this a value ladder.

This is a tool that helps you plot out the various levels of value that you are giving and getting from the offers and products in your business.

At the bottom of your ladder are your free giveaways such as lead magnets, virtual summits, etc. These have a singular purpose of reeling in new leads to your emailing list. These are always free and can be used not only in prominent places on your website but also as a free gift when you are invited to be a guest speaker or participate in someone else’s offer.

The next rung of your ladder would be your lowest priced offer. This could be an offer, often referred to as an SLO or Self-Liquidating Offer, that you charge anywhere from $7 to $47 for. Maybe even a little bit higher. You might run ads to it. It might be an upsell from your lead magnet. You might find other uses for it here and there as well.

After that you have the high priced rungs. These are your primary revenue makers. And you shouldn’t have a wide variety of them. Actually best to focus on just one or two levels. This would be your premium coaching program or service that you offer to your ideal clients.

You can also have a few other rungs here and there with extra things, like a live event or an exclusive Black Friday offer that you only pull out now and then to drive fresh new traffic into your premium offers.

But the point is that you need to set your value ladder, have room for a couple extras, and then leave it alone while focusing on how to achieve each of those levels and keep traffic flowing to them.

When something new comes along, another one of those squirrels that seek to distract you, look at your value ladder and ask yourself where would it fit? Would it add value to your current knowledge of what you can deliver to your clients or would it improve HOW you deliver it? If the answer is no, then keep on walking past that pesky squirrel.




Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay