Using apps in your business and life to improve your productivity

I make pretty good use of apps already. I currently use Gmail for “everything;” even my professional email accounts pull into it. I use my Google calendar for organizing my life and it is synced to my mobile phone because otherwise I will totally forget. My phone is also synced to Facebook events, so if I have said I am going somewhere it puts it on my Google calendar and reminds me!

For my business I use TeamWork. It allows my business manager or me to add and assign tasks, track time, and get reminders when something is coming due.

And of course, my business manager is my greatest help, although she is not an app! Lol 🙂 But she is such a life saver at times.

So after watching today’s 15 Day Blog Challenge video which was all about using apps in your business, I got to thinking it would be nice if TeamWork would sync to my Google calendar, like Natalie’s project management software does. So I got to looking. Sure enough! Not only can it sync to my calendar, but it can also sync to Freshbooks which I use for billing and accounting purposes.

So today’s step is to assign to my business manager the task of helping me get this hooked up. That way the items in TeamWork are being added to my calendar AND sending me reminders on my phone! Win win!

What app are you using or what app will you start using that increases your productivity? Leave a comment below!