Happy Day After Christmas…the start of my favorite week!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and/or first day of Hanukkah! It was a blessed day for me. I got to see all of my kids and grandbabies, although not all at the same time. In the morning we had a round of breakfast and gifts with most of the family, and then in the evening we had my 2nd oldest and his 2-year-old for supper and they got to open their gifts.

Christmas Christmas

It was warm and windy here in Southeast Kansas with a pretty strong thunderstorm sweeping through as the day came to a close. I think it’s the first time in my life that I have sat on my front porch in a sleeveless top and barefoot, relaxing from the hub bub of the day and wasn’t even a smidgen cold! I know that’s not unique in some parts…but 70 degrees on Christmas Day in Kansas is certainly unique. 1 degree shy of the record high set 30 years ago. (And, well, now that i think about it, I was a teenager when that record was set…so I probably DID enjoy the weather on that Christmas Day too!)

Kim Scott

So today is the day after Christmas. Brings to mind a favorite song of mine, that is one good for ONE day a year…

I always find that today kicks off what in many ways is the best week of the year for me. It’s a week of relaxing, relishing the joy of the season, happy memories from Christmas, and a slower pace since most of my clients have taken the week off. I’m playing catch up on some projects usually. And this particular week I am working on virtual summits for clients, one that is ending this week and another that begins in the middle of January.

But the BEST thing for me is the sense of newness that is coming in a week. It’s a feeling of anticipation and wonder over what the new year will hold. It’s a time for planning and implementation to create the ‘best year ever’. This year I’m planning some major changes to my business. I’m still going to be doing web design and telesummits and sales pages and all that…but I’ve decided to stop my marketing efforts on those things and instead turn my focus to endeavors that will help people through information.

In 2017, I’m planning to HOST two summits myself! And I’m nervous as heck about them…but I will not let my fear talk me out of it. The first summit will be a plus size health and happiness summit, and the second one will be a work at home mom summit! Details coming on both! Fun!!

And its a time of reflection on the successes and failures (i.e. growth opportunities) of the past year. My business did not grow like I had planned, and I’ve had to do some serious reflecting over why and what I can change about that. (Thus the steps I mentioned above.) But the biggest thing that happened to me was throughout the latter half of 2016. In July I stepped jumped into Beachbody after finding the world’s most wonderful coach. I have learned how to recognize and stop emotional eating. I have learned how to stop eating sugar without any much cravings. I have learned how real food actually tastes and to stop the cycle of binging. I have learned how to make exercise fun and work for me. And all of that together has taken me from someone who was unable to walk a block without feeling like I could die from it, into someone who can do a full workout video and walk several miles in the same day.

It has gotten me to the point where I’m not jumping into unattainable New Year’s Resolutions to lose 50 pounds, but rather ending the year with the knowledge that I DID lose nearly 50 pounds during the year! 46 pounds as of today! And that includes 5 pounds lost during the holidays!! WOW, right?!

So I’m truly anticipating 2017 as an incredible and amazing year to come. I may not have resolutions, but I fully intend to come out a year from today with my income goals met, debt paid off, and at a weight that I haven’t been at since my early 20s. I hope you all will come along for the ride!

I’d love to hear from you what your plans and goals are for 2017, and what your last week of 2016 looks like. Leave a comment below!

Interested in being a guest speaker on one of my summits (Plus Size Health and Happiness or The Work At Home Mom Summit)? Send me a message and let me know about your interest.

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Goals or Resolutions? Which better helps you build your business and improve your life?

ResolutionsIt’s that time of year again! Christmas is over; the ball has dropped on Times Square. It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions! Your waist line may be a bit thicker, but your resolve to hit the gym 5 times every week is strong. Your credit may be maxed out or your bank account drained, but you are committed to getting out of debt and planning better for next Christmas’s spending. Or perhaps you are determined to take that amazing vacation you have been promising yourself since…you can’t even remember how long ago.

But does just “resolving” to do something help you make it happen? Most likely not. But it can be a step in the process.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “resolve” as “to find an answer or solution to something; to settle or solve something.”

We often think of New Year’s resolutions as something we have decided we are absolutely going to do, something we have settled on doing. We think it means that by making the resolution we have found the answer to getting fit, getting out of debt, building a business, etc.

But I think to make a New Year’s resolution should actually be a bit more. It is a piece of the process. I’m not talking about simply calling a resolution a goal because it sounds better and then going on your merry way. I’m talking about turning it into a process to get actual resolution to the problem you want to fix.

When you make a resolution to double your business income, for example, you are saying that you have a problem that you need to fix and that you have found the solution. The problem is that you aren’t making enough money to have the lifestyle or retirement you want. The solution you have come up with is to double your business income.

What is often missing is the HOW. How will you double your business income? Will you increase your blogging? Will you start investing in Facebook ads? Will you hire a virtual assistant? Will you add more products or services? These are all steps that you might decide you need to take in order to build your business this year, but if you don’t have a plan it will amount to nothing more than ink on paper, if it’s even that.

This is where goals and a plan come into the mix.

Your resolution and your one-year-goal may be to double your business income. If so, then your smaller goal is to add one new client or 1 new product each month. Your plan involves all of the small steps necessary to get that new client or to produce that new product each month.

Business planning as a step in goal resolution

What is your New Year’s resolution and how are you going to break it down into achievable goals? Let me know in a comment below.