October Blog Challenge — Here I go!

6 Oct 2013 Kim

I am so bad. I tell my clients how important it is to have their website in tiptop shape and to be blogging regularly, but I don’t do it myself. My website is in a constant state of upheaval, because I’m always deciding to redesign it. My blog…ha…I don’t think I’ve posted a darn thing on it in ages. But hey, it goes way back! At least my original blog did. I have moved my posts around a bit from Blogger to another website and eventually to here. I’m still not entirely sure that this is where it will stay. Trying to really wrap my head around all of that.

blogchallengeBut anywho, this is my first post in the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I’m involved in two of them, both for October, and both to kick my butt into gear. Problem is, I’m a bit late. Today is October 6 and I’m doing day 1. Oops. Ah well, I’ve been sick this past week and trying to maintain things for others.

But here we go. I started this blog years ago just to share life. Then it morphed into being business related. And now it’s a little bit of both. I hope to share the great and not-so-great moments of my life, show you how you too can become a work at home mom (WAHM), and maybe even teach you how to kick up your marketing and WordPress skills along the way.

Want to join in on the blog challenges? It’s not too late! Here’s how:

Ultimate Blog Challenge


30 Day Blog Challenge

Are you blogging regularly? If not, how about joining me on this dual challenge? Comment below and let me know how its going for you.

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