What’s all this about WordPress websites anyway?

13 Jan 2014 Kim

If you have ever looked at the back of a website you saw some pretty strange looking stuff. That stuff is the language that makes it work, the language that creates the beauty your eyes see on the screen, the language that makes a contact form or an opt-in form actually do something.

Before you saw it, you may have thought building a website was as simple as building a document in Word or Publisher. Then you saw all that code, as it’s generally called, and panicked.

Shocked at the appearance of html

So you hired a tech nerd to build you a fabulous website with all the bells and whistles, or maybe just a few, but it was yours and you loved it.

But after a while your site started to look outdated. Or you moved your office and simply needed to change your address without paying your web tech $1000 to do so. Or you wondered why you still weren’t ranking high on Google. You kept hearing about blogs and why you need to have one. So you started to investigate how you could fix all of those problems yourself and you heard about WordPress.

In its early days, WordPress was mostly just a basic blog tool. Then major companies started to take note of the brilliance and the possibilities that are WordPress. And brilliant minds started to build off the work of other brilliant minds. And today, just over 10 years later, we have a tool that is nearly perfect for not only blogging, but full-fledged professional websites as well.

Many of the websites you visit during your daily internet use are built on WordPress. And many more are being built on it every day.

WordPress creates a website that is user friendly for both the person adding pages and blog posts and the person viewing the site. It is optimized for SEO, that’s how Google finds you, out of the box as much as possible. And it is beautiful, with thousands of free and premium themes available for use as-is or with any amount of customization.

WordPress is quite possibly the perfect website tool.

Out of the box, most of the newer themes are modern, sleek, and down-right beautiful. You can install it, add a few plugins perhaps, and start writing pages and blog posts to your heart’s content. You can add a header, change some colors and make it yours. Or you can start with a basic theme and make it look 100% different! It is entirely up to you what happens with your WordPress website.

Want a great design based on another website even a Photoshop design someone created for you? That’s possible as well. Want a site where every page looks different, or a set of pages look different from the rest? Again, completely possible. Your imagination is the limit.

Need help? Just ask. 🙂

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